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Stefani Carter is one of us. Born in the community she is running to serve, Stefani came from a little house on Bernardin Circle in Dallas and has been doing great things for our community her entire life. But things were not always easy. Her parents let her know at an early age that if she wanted to go to college, then she’d need to work to pay for it.

And work she did. Tenaciously. Stefani saved money and studied hard, earning a full scholarship to the University of Texas at Austin. Then Stefani Carter, the local girl who had been challenged to make her own waves, earned the chance of a lifetime, to attend Harvard Law School.

Harvard Law was a challenge, in particular because Stefani was one of the very few conservatives and as you might imagine, her views on politics didn’t always match up with her professors and fellow students. Her time there made her stronger and happier than ever to be from Dallas. Stefani truly believes Texas is the greatest place on Earth.

Stefani Carter loves our community and as your next State Representative, she’ll work hard to protect our quality of life. Source http://www.carterfortexas.com/meet-stefani/

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