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From across the Atlantic a British subject recognises America's role and greatness as the world's very last paradise of freedom and power hence sets journey to the USA to fulfill his God given obligation to rip America from the jaws of tyranny & Socialism and goes on air!
The live show is broadcast weekly at http://radio.PatriotComeLately.US, and recordings can be heard at http://archives.PatriotComeLately.US

More: "The Patriot Come Lately is someone who has experienced the socialist ”dream” in Europe, who decided to escape and come to the Land of the Free. When I saw how the progressives under the leadership of Obama were trying to turn this great country into just another socialist state, I decided that I had to try to ‘Shake America Awake’. Through a combination of education, news and guest interviews I hope to alert people to the dangers of ‘The Road to Serfdom’ and help restore the USA to the society intended by the Founding Fathers, that "shining city on the hill."


Also heard on Red State Talk Radio click logo


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