Since the 70' s as a kid in Scarsdale NY  I have always loved music, sports and talk radio. I truly understand how special that time and spot was to be a kid and fondly recall Cousin Brucie, Harry Harrison, Bob Grant, Yankee baseball with the Scooter, Bill White and Frank Messer.  WABC and WNBC were the top 2 stations with the later arrivals of Imus and even later Howard Stern. Mark Simone was a classic voice filling the air with reason as the local rock stations WNEW, WPLJ, WLIR and KROCK were taking care of the business of Rock N' Roll.

 But for me Conservative Talk radio rose to the top as far as pure enjoyment. It was always there for me teaching everything from Auto Mechanics/Politics/Home repair to Real Estate & investing. Talk radio has simply been my longest and most loyal friend throughout all stages of life.   

 With limited outlets to vent my appreciation to the format as a whole, I decided to say "thanks" via the Net hence "TopTalkRadio.com" was born. But exclusively for  Conservative Talk Radio. At first I put up 5 or 10 top hosts on the homepage and simply linked them to their websites.As time passed in my spare time I kept adding great talk show hosts/shows as it finally took some shape and eventually and  accidentally morphed in to a comprehensive Conservative talk radio show directory. Really the first of it's kind. I also wanted to add non political but conservative radio hosts, guests,  and various Internet active pro constitution patriots as other conservative resources  as well.  

May God Bless America, our troops and Free Speech.

Well I hope you enjoy the site and always welcome new talent, questions or suggestions.

Thank you,

Kenny Kaplan TTR 

Conservative Talk radio is Liberalism's greatest threat hence our country's best friend.

Nominate a Top Talk Show host via email below. 

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All donations recieved go directly back in to this website in order to further advance it's ongoing campaigns designed to inform, engage, and educate the public on the dangers of Liberalism through awareness and the promotion of all non Liberal Talk Radio & conservative causes.
God Bless America

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