STUNNER! IFTAR DINNER LIES! Obama Butchers The Truth! Bolsters M'Bhood!  Click Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzhtMPU0Uts

carl_gallups_1.jpg Book "Birther" Expert Carl Gallups today For the Obama-Sheriff Joe Forgery Story
 Carl is a 10 year veteran of conservative talk radio, hosting and producing three different programs
 for audiences regionally, Nationally and Internationally.
 He is  a 25 year Southern Baptist Pastor of a large Gulf Coast Church.
 He is a former National and International Youth Evangelist for the Southern Baptist Convention.
 He's a member of Board of Regents - Univ. of Mobile - Major Southern Baptist University
 Gallups is an author - to be published by Wnd Books.
 He has been on TV in the U.S. and in Canada,
 He has done numerous radio interviews - coast to coast sporting hundreds of stations through syndication.
 Carl is a producer of two radio programs and is a Newspaper columnist.
 Carl is a Documentary DVD producer. 
 Carl is a 10 year Florida Law Enforcement Officer with experience in direct criminal investigations.
 He is the recipient of 2 commandations of valor and the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award.
 Carl has given interviews on 100's of stations from coast to coast on the topic of Obama's eligibility.
 There is nothing about this case about which Carl cannot speak at an authoritative level.
 Carl Gallups is an "expert" evangelical commentator who
 will bring wisdom, knowledge and cold hard facts to any table in his unique way that will light up your phone lines.
 Contact: joannehhbc@bellsouth.net  850-623-8959


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