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A highly nationally and internationally respected grass-roots leader, community
activist, patriot, motivator, and role model for real life, Curtis Sliwa is founder
and leader of the Guardian Angels and host of The Curtis Sliwa Show.
A charismatic and sought-after communicator, he has addressed Super Bowl
crowds, corporate teams, media professionals, senior executives, non-profit associations, and educators.

His powerful, uplifting messages of overcoming fear and adversity to achieve self-reliance and contribute to one’s
community take on important new relevance in corporate and institutional environments.

Curtis has been engaged as a speaker by a variety of esteemed organizations, including The
Children’s Miracle Network, the YMCA, the Boy Scouts of America, Rotary International, the Young
President’s Organization, News America Marketing, the New York State Broadcasters Association, the
Willow Creek Association, Bob Proctor’s Life Success Consultants, and The Salvation Army. When he
spoke at the United Nations, the audience gave him five separate standing ovations!

A high-voltage and wildly entertaining speaker, Curtis shares his riveting real-life experience
of dedication and non-wavering commitment building a global volunteer organization that has flourished
and succeeded in empowering individuals to take control of their communities. Lessons he teaches in
leadership, team-building, volunteerism, and safety through education translate into useful and practical
management tools that infuse and inspire groups of all kinds to realize their maximum potential.

Curtis’s work has been recognized by Presidents Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, and Bush;
applauded repeatedly by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former New York Mayor Rudolph
Giuliani; and commended by business, entertainment, and civic leaders worldwide.

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