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Sean Hannity & my buddy Mike Rose
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Go behind the scenes in the battle between Boortz & Hannity
The Rose Files a TopTalkRadio video  
Neal Boortz to Hannity."Sean Hannity, you better pack up and  leave town. I am here to get my audience back"    It's here! The preview of "The Rose Files" and Part 1. See below. The Rose Files is  a TopTalkRadio original 3 part video series that will take you behind the scenes with "The Producer of the Stars" Mike Rose  who shares some memories of his start in broadcast radio & early days working with  & producing Talk Radio All-Stars Sean Hannity, Neal Boortz, Clark Howard, the "Kimmer" Kim Peterson and Dave Stone.

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Young Sean Hannity

Mike Rose

Currently, a Home Mortgage Consultant with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage since July, 2010.  Mike Rose has been a successful loan officer for nine years.  First with RBC Centura Bank and moving to Bank of America in January, 2006.   His buisness network include real estate agents, bankers, financial planners, builders and many satisfied clients.  He has closed millions of dollars worth of loans and helped many people purchase their first home. In 2008, he reached Platinum Club status as in the top 5% of producers for Bank of America.

 Before starting his career in mortgage banking, he worked primarily in talk radio broadcasting.
As a producer, talk host and finally Program Director at News Radio WGST in Atlanta, Mike has proven experience in creating the best radio programming in the business. He spent many fun years helping to create brand names out of radio personalities such as consumer guru Clark Howard, Neal Boortz, Sean Hannity, Kim Peterson and many others.  Outrageous promotions, guerilla marketing and positioning himself, as the underdog against the mighty resources of Cox Enterprises has been his trademark.  He did a Bob Dylan sound-alike contest at Music Midtown, even though other radio stations were sponsoring the event.  He hosted live broadcasts at every imaginable kind of venue in Atlanta.  In 1999 and 2000, Mike took on the challenge as General Manager of the eclectic Voice of the Arts, 1190 WGKA.

Mike is also a radio personality in his own right, he was the host of the daily issue oriented, call-in talk show The Mike Rose Show on Talk Radio 1340, WALR-AM.  Creative Loafing readers voted The Mike Rose Show the "The Best Radio Show to Seek Out" in 2003.

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Mike Rose & Sean Hannity 1995

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Dave Stone and Mike Rose WGST

Dave Stone , Mike Rose and call screener

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Sean Hannity, Mike Rose & "The Kimmer" Kim Peterson

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Mike Rose WGST Atlanta
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WGST Talk Radio Producer Mike Rose

Mike Rose

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Mike Rose and Sean Hannity remote broadcast in Mid 1990's.
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Mike Rose and "The Kimmer" Kim Peterson

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Mike Rose, Sean Hannity and company on a remote WGST broadcast. Circa 1990's

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Kim Peterson
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The Kimmer

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