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Dr Laurie Roth

The Dr. Laurie Roth Show

A Nationally Syndicated talk show leading the charge for
legions of Americans. Laurie Roth is on a mission to examine
the issues based on right and wrong, not party politics. She
has the unique ability to build bridges not ditches, making for
hours of unique, thought provoking radio entertainment.
You can count on Laurie to be articulate, entertaining, and
ahead of any major media personality. Laurie Roth has
been attracting and keeping listeners informed for the 21st
century in various regionally syndicated markets. Source: TheRothShow.com

Tune in to The Roth Show, NEW TIME: 3-6:00 pm pacific 

Contact the Roth Show, live on air

Toll Free: 877-999-Roth (7684)  LISTEN LIVE ONLINE CLICK HERE   

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Dr Laurie Roth

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