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 Mel Robbins is one of the fastest rising female talk radio personalities in America and the host of A&E’s hit intervention television series – Monster In-Laws.
She’s an Ivy League educated criminal defense attorney and entrepreneur whose quick wit and fresh take on current affairs has helped her become a sought-after commentator, internationally recognized speaker, Contributing Editor to SUCCESS Magazine, best-selling author, relationship expert and Common Sense Activist.
Her advice and fiery opinion have been seen by tens of millions of viewers nationwide on shows ranging from Dr. Phil, Anderson Cooper, The Today Show, The Talk, Oprah, CNBC, and FOX Business.
Mel’s talk radio show (The Mel Robbins Radio Show) airs weekdays from 1pm – 3pm on the Cox Radio Network’s News/Talk WDBO, between Sean Hannity and Neal Boortz. You can also stream the show live on WDBO.
Monday nights, you can watch Mel’s “no bull” approach to solving relationship problems on A&E’s hit TV series, Monster In-laws. Now in its second season, Mel moves in with families across America and does what ever it takes to fix families in crisis.
Mel is also a Contributing Editor to SUCCESS Magazine, where 1.2 million readers enjoy her monthly column on sales, marketing, and personal achievement.
Mel’s first book, STOP SAYING YOU’RE FINE – The No B.S. Guide To Getting What You Want – is now available in paperback and is published by Crown. It’s the best-seller that teaches readers how to stop procrastinating by using the latest neuroscience research and ingenious strategies to achieve goals.
Mel loves speaking to large audiences and delivers action-inspiring keynote speeches and workshops at large business conventions and leadership conferences worldwide. She also hosts leadership and training programs for companies ranging from Johnson & Johnson, Fidelity, Partners Healthcare, Wells Fargo; to leading law firms, family businesses, and privately held companies across America.
Mel is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Boston College Law School. She’s a working mom with three school-aged kids and is married to fellow entrepreneur Christopher Robbins, the co-founder of Stone Hearth Pizza.
You can find out more and learn how to hire her to speak at your next event here. Source: Mel Robbins.com

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